2004 Hardi CM 875

875 Gallon; 363 pump; 60' Eagle Boom; Chem Fill/Flush & Rinse; Suspension Ride; $14,900

2004 Hardi CM 750

750 Gallon; 363 pump; 60' Eagle Boom; Chem Fill/Flush & Rinse/Foamer Kits included; $12,900

2009 F3680 Front Deck Kubotas – $10,500 each

2x 2009 F3680 Front Deck Kubotas – 36 HP; Diesel; 4 wheel drive; 72 inch pro deck; $10,500 each

Hogan Grain & Equipment

You’ve Got Work To Do



Need grain to feed your animals? Hogan Grain & Equipment has a variety of grain for every budget.


Livestock Feed

Providing the highest quality livestock feed so you know your animals are getting the nutrition they need.


Pet Feed

Including Purina and ADM, we offer high quality pet feed to keep your dogs and cats happy.


Mower and Tractor

Need a new mower or tractor? The experts at Hogan Grain & Equipment can help!


Full Service of Products

Mower need a tune-up or tractor acting up? We offer full service and maintenance for the products we sell.



From fan belts to small engine parts, we carry all the parts you need for your tractor and mower to do it yourself.



Hogan Grain & Equipment is committed to providing you with the best quality products. We only bring in the best products so you can have peace of mind.



The staff at Hogan Grain & Equipment know a thing or two about feed, tractors, parts, and more. Have a question? We are happy to answer it!



Whether you need help finding that specific grain or want a part replaced on your tractor, the service you will receive from Hogan Grain & Equipment can’t be beat.

The Right Equipment for Your Needs

Hogan Grain & Equipment has been serving Decatur and the surrounding Illinois area for over 40 years. With a commitment to quality and service, we want to help you get done the work you need to do. From offering high-quality grain and animal feed to servicing tractors and mowers, we know you have work to do and want to help you complete it.

Family owned and operated since 1974, Hogan Grain & Equipment knows the Elwin community. By providing only the best in grain and equipment, we hope to help the community and surrounding area continue to grow.

Need some help or have questions? Please reach out to us today!

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